Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This layout is another example of what I talked about the other day ---> not a single piece of cardstock in sight! (The pink background is a faint patterned paper and the backside of a more bold pattern).

I've been thinking about this even more since my last post and realised that: not only do I NOT know when I last used cardstock as my background but also I do NOT know when I last purchased cardstock! As in what YEAR even!? Maybe 2009? Or 2008?

Anyway, without even realising this, it seems like I have done the right thing at least. Sometimes, in the pretty stash world we live in, it's easy to buy pretty things without stopping to ask yourself "Do I ACTUALLY use this type of item a lot in my scrapping?". And this time, I have got it right, not buying cardstock when I don't use it - even without realising so. Yay for that :)

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