Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nice To Get A Bargain... Or A Few...

I got the chance to go to Hull and do some shopping yesterday. Wasn't after anything specific but decided to check out the sales a bit. And did I get some bargains!!

A few weeks ago I regretted not having bought a scarf that I saw. I talked myself out of it as I didn't really need one that badly. As I said, on the way home I regretted it. Yesterday they had it at half price (£15, down to £7.50) so it felt like it was meant to be. And then I got to the till and it was only £6. Happy girl! :) Also I managed to get some really nice necklaces. I love long dangly ones. And there was a huge sale. I got 8 necklaces for £14... I later worked out that the price should have been over £65. Niiice! :)

Oh and then there was the Hobbycraft shop that I visited. They had a sale too! Got some bargain stamp packs (nice Hero Arts ones!) for £2.99 each... which had an rrp of £16.99 or something like that.

Then I decided I'd done enough shopping for that day LOL! But I'm sooo pleased with what I got :)

Leaving you for today with a layout done for the Lilypad Creative Team...

[Supplies used: Freeze Factor - Kaye Winiecki, Bugga & Frogger - Sara Gleaason, Amy Martin, The Lazy Dog - Heather Hess (all from The Lilypad)]

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