Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas Journal - Day 2...

I have finished spraying my album cover with the Cosmic Shimmers now. I went for a combination of green and red shades. It's dry (or at least I hope so!) and I will decorate the front later today or tomorrow I think... Will get photos on here when it's done :)

This is the page for December 2nd. For some reason the whole photo has a very blue tone. Not sure what went wrong (the colours are correct in reality) and I'm not such an expert on PSE that I know how to fix such a thing :( Anyone else know?

The page is about the weather. And about braving the weather on foot when the car was impossible to get out of our street. I made note of the temperature and the snowfall. Could be fun to look back on and compare in the future.

Now I need to go and have a good think about today's page... :)

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Charlotte said...

You can remove it in Photoshop by using the remove colour cast tool - I think the blue tones is because of the white balance setting on your camera :)