Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Christmas Journal - Day 1 + Christmas Market...

Last night we visited the Christmas market in Leeds. We'd never been to that one before but decided a long time ago that this year we'd definitely try it.

Brrr it was soooo cold! Gloves, hat, scarf... still cold!

The market was a lot smaller than what's in Manchester but it was done in a very cosy way so we still enjoyed it a lot. Even if we'd hoped that there would be a few more stalls. Here are some photos from the night...

It wasn't nearly as empty as it looks in my photos. I just waited around as I wanted as few people as possible in the shots LOL!

And before I go, here's the page for December 1st in my Christmas journal. It's the same 9 pocket page protector as for the Intro as it's the back of that page. The subject had to be the obvious one for that day - how we were snowed in and it was impossible to get the car out :)

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