Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Onto the next layout that I made for the A Bakers Dozen class...

As usual, my layout is rather different from the class suggestion. I love to take the general idea and then make it "mine". :)

However the cut up ribbon heart shape was part of the original class idea. When I saw it on the page by the teacher I was not convinced. But I thought I'd give the heart a go anyway. When I had laid my ribbon pieces out on my layout, I was not convinced. After they were glued down I was still not sure. And even right now I can't make my mind up what I think of the ribbon heart LOL!

I do know that I love the combination of the blues and greens though :)

Just to give you some idea of how different I went, the teacher's page was literally a photo within the heart on cardstock (that's it) and all in pink & white.

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