Wednesday, June 30, 2010

That Green Bird...

Thanks for the app suggestions the other day, I really enjoyed reading about your faves :)

Gemma - I have never heard of Resco Bubbles and Doodle Grub... so I'm going to check them out after making this post. Thanks for the tips :)

Helen - Well the update for Angry Birds HD is out now so I guess you'll be happy with more levels. I already have Angry Birds (plus the HD version) and love them to bits. Wanna know something really cool? Well, to me it's cool anyway... LOL!

See the green bird (the latest bird to be added)? Well, I invented it!! How fun is that?! I sat there on the sofa one day and talked to Ross about how I'd want a bird to behave like this and that and that it had to be green (of course!). He said that he was going to write to the makers anyway and thank them for a great game so he told them about my idea. We had a quick reply thanking us for the idea and that they would pass it onto the development team. The next update featured my GREEN bird - so cool! Would have been even cooler to have a mention in the iTunes store, but hey... at least I can smile about it being "my bird" that's in the game :)

Marja - Ross has got Plants vs Zombies and loves it. I have not tried it yet. Which sushi game is it that you're playing and would you recommend it please? Hope you get your iPads soon - you will LOOOOOVE them :)))


Marja said...

It's called Sushi Go-Round. I like it as it's entertaining and I can stop and start easily. It has many levels and you only get 3 "lifes" so if you mess up you have to start from the beginning so it makes it all last longer, lol. It's much like some other games I've played liked Sally's Spa, some other wedding planning game, etc. Try one and if you like it you will like others like it.

Our iPads won't ship until around mid July. Hope they get them sooner than that!

Helen said...

Okay - that is soo cool inventing the green boomarang angry bird - I love it!