Saturday, June 26, 2010

My iPad... And Favourite Apps...

I totally L-O-V-E my iPad and use it so many times a day that I wanted to make a post about it today rather than doing something crafty for a change (oh yes, I will still scrapbook later today, just not blog about it). And I mainly want to talk apps. Who can get enough of apps? :)If you have an iPad, or indeed an iPhone/iPod Touch, please, please let me know about your favourite apps? I'd soooo love to hear about it :)

And mine? Well I thought I'd pick my top 3 that I use most at the moment (this does change a lot though). Of course I use things like weather apps, TV guides and news apps a lot, but that's not really so fun or different to talk about. So let's talk games...

We Rule / We Rule for iPad - This has been a favourite of mine for quite some time now. I really love how cute it is and there's something very addictive about that farming business. Really love this game. :)

Bloomies - This is one seriously cute game! Grow flowers, water them, buy pretty bees and butterflies that collect nectar. It's just super, super cute!

Godfinger / Godfinger For iPad - My latest addiction. I have only played it since the weekend but it really is an addiction. Do not start unless you have time to check on it several times a day LOL! Love it though.

Apart from that I'm very much into puzzle games. I have got some great Mahjong games. The Mahjong Artifacts games (1 and 2 and 1 for iPad and 2 for iPad) have really nice graphics. And I loooove linedrawing games like Flight Control (for iPad) and Harbour Master (for iPad).

If you have a moment, please let me know what your favourite apps are. Thank you :)


Gemma* said...

Mmm . . . i just got an iphone and addicted already!

Fave apps so far:

resco bubbles (totally addictive), Doodle grub (like snake with nice graphics)

Useful stuff:

Mental Note - allows you to make notes that include typed text/emoticons, photos, sketches and audio clips :D

Oh and iFiles - so you can save word docs, pdf etc and read on iphone. (used it yesterday to look something up in my camera manual - yay!)

Have fun!

Helen (weehaggis) said...

Angry Birds HD - I'm so addicted I was gutted when I got to the end! Now going back over the game to try to get 3 gold stars for every level !!!

Marja said...

I loved plants vs zombies for my iPhone. Also am now playing some sushi game, lol. We just ordered two iPads today so will come back and post again once we start finding apps for it that we like!

jayjaypowpow said...

Yes, Angry Birds HD has sucked away so much of my time, ha!

Hey you might like ScrapPad for scrapbooking right on the iPad. It's an app I helped create. Check it out. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

Now back to Angry Birds... ;)