Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A Bakers Dozen...

I mentioned this a little bit on Saturday already. A Bakers Dozen is a new BPS class that I'm taking that started last week. Rather than doing my usual (grabbing the stash and jumping in ONCE we get down to scrapping and I know what we're doing) I've decided to embrace this class fully and follow every mysterious stash gathering prompt that we get. And it starts out rather unusual... with an empty egg carton...

(Please excuse my poor photos, the weather is terribly rainy and dark here so they are pretty rubbish flash photos).

Each day for the last 5 days we have gotten an e-mail to fill up certain parts of the egg carton with certain items. So and so many brads here, so and so many buttons that co-ordinate with a piece of ribbon there etc. The whole point is to use your stash and not buy anything new. And I'm loving it!

If you don't have a certain something, the substitute with something similar. Like one day one of the things to go into a certain compartment was a green crayon. Now I'm not actually sure I have ANY crayons... so I added a green pencil instead. Will hopefully work :)

Apart from the egg carton we're also gathering stuff into 13 big envelopes. Or I'm gathering mine into 13 12x12 zip lock bags as I did not have a full 13 BIG envelopes to hand. And what are we gathering? Photos and some patterned paper.

I have no idea where this will end. I'm guessing a random numbered egg compartment gets combined with a random numbered envelope (zip lock bag!) for a layout... but who knows. I'm quite enjoying following this to the letter without knowing exactly what or why I'm doing certain things... :)

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