Saturday, May 29, 2010

Water Fun...

Well the weather could have been a bit nicer this bank holiday weekend, but hey... Let's scrap something summery instead to keep a positive feeling going...

[Supplies used: Island Paradise - Kate Hadfield , Splash-Tastic! - Kate Hadfield, Apron Strings - Gina Miller, Blocked Brushes 2 - Gina Miller, Soho Afternoon - Gina Miller, Simple Singles Template Painted 3 - Gina Miller (all from the Lilypad)]

Oh and something fun! A few weeks ago I signed up for a new BPS class. It's called "A Bakers Dozen" and started this Thursday. So far we're just gathering supplies without actually knowing what we're going to do with them - and you know what, it's rather fun!

Normally it's the type of thing that I wouldn't bother with, I'd just grab some stash when we'd actually get down to the scrapping. But this time I have decided to follow the prompts and do exactly like instructed. It's a bit "difficult" for me as I'm a person who wants to know all the facts... so to do something without knowing why or what for is a little challenge. But a fun one :) We'll see where this end up... :)

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