Friday, March 26, 2010

Goodbye iPod Touch (sob!), Hello iPhone (yay!)...

This week has been tough. Much tougher than I ever expected. A case of very bad luck and a case of something being worse and much more painful than expected. Let's start with the bad luck. My beloved (used several times a day, EVERY day!) iPod Touch died. *sob*

It was the 3rd major problem with it since Christmas so something was definitely not right. At Saturday lunchtime I got the "Apple screen of death". We spent 13 hours (!!) trying to get it back working. Restoring to factory default (meaning I lost everything!). Nothing worked. At one in the night (!) we gave up and went to bed. And of course it was only about 2-3 months out of warranty... how it always works...


Since I used my iPod Touch daily. And because of what was coming up this Monday (more on that later). And because my mobile has been acting weird (bad button) for over a year. And because I have known for over a year that my next mobile was going to be an iPhone... We went did lots of research on deals and went out and got one on Sunday afternoon.


And even though it's 80-90% exactly like an iPod Touch (just the phone element added) I'm already soooo in love :)

And the thing that was a lot worse than expected this week? And another reason I did not want to be without the entertainment of an iPod/iPhone? On Monday I went through two lots of scheduled surgery. Not eye-related and nothing major. But it's left me very immobile and in a lot more pain than I expected. I can't even sit up properly yet and this is the first time all week which I can reach for the computer a little (previous blog posts this week were pre-scheduled), enough to spend a few minutes typing. So my iPhone has already been invaluable this week. I have also seen a lot of my Kindle, Nintendo DSi XL and puzzle books LOL!

Anyway, that's all for me now. I'm exhausted and need to put this laptop down & have a rest. Have a great weekend everyone :)


Jessica said...

Oh, NO! More surgery! You poor thing, you've had a really hard few months!! I hope you are up and feeling much better soon. Take care of yourself. We can do without you for a bit, so that we can have you back full steam later! Sorry about your phone. I'm trying to decide on a new phone...but the free ones don't have enough features, and the ones that do are all about 'smart phone' things, which I don't need. I'll probably stay with the one I have until I can find one I really like. Take well

Liberty :) said...

get well soon Anso :( i have an iphone and I adore it too!!!