Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fun Way Of Scrapping...

Definitely a fun way of scrapping... of picking your photo. As one of the prompts for Shimelle's latest class said: grab a bunch of photos and start flicking through them, pick the first photo you see that makes you happy and scrapbook it, telling why it makes you happy. What a simple yet great way of going about picking what to do a layout about next :)

For me, I came across this photo of mum & dad. It makes me happy because I love it when they come and visit us (we live in different countries). So this is definitely a "happy" photo for me. And, by happy (!) co-incidence, we're also playing my favourite board game, Scattergories, so yet another little fact that gets documented in my album :)


Jessica said...

What lovely times you must have together! It's great that you are able to memorialize them.

SarahLP said...

Great layout, Anso.. and a lovely happy photo!

And thank you for inspiring me to scrap a bunch of photos that I found in a pile and made me happy! I hadn't spotted that advice in Shimelle's prompt.. must read more closely ;o)