Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 31...

And we're onto the very last day in my Christmas journal. A whole month of documenting using photos + words. These projects are rather challenging... and certainly takes a certain amount of discipline and willpower to keep going all the way through, every single day. But it's sooo worth it in the end. And such a cool thing to look back on another year :)

The left side shows the backside of Day 30 and more of my "year in review" photos... And then we're onto New Year's Eve. This was a weird one for me. The very first NYE ever that I have spent in the UK!

I'm journaling about the celebrations, the yummy food we have and that we watched the fireworks live from London and Big Ben on the TV. I even managed to get a pretty good photo of the fireworks on the TV :)


Elizabeth said...

And it's lovely for us visitors to look at!

Nadine said...

finally! it's done!

I've been following your pages and
the whole book looks awesome ^^

ShellyDee said...

Congrats on finishing! I only go to the 25th and I only have the 24th & 25th left-thanks for keeping me inspiried to finish!