Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 26...

Not many days left at all now :) I'm running my Christmas journal of 2009 to the 31st of December, just like I did the previous year too.

If we start on the left side, which is the back side of the 25th, I decided to go with a cosy-feel Christmas tree photos and some journaling about that day.

The 26th (right side) is a day that's now become something of a tradition. My aunt and uncle invite us all to dinner. For every year we seem to be more and more people coming (and next year there will be yet another two little ones) yet they somehow manage to squeeze us all in every year. A really nice tradition and usually the only time of the year when we're all gathered together at once.

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Mariangeles M said...

You're doing a great job :) I'm still on page 11 but I'll finish it this year, I promise!!!