Tuesday, December 01, 2009

My Christmas Journal - A Peek Inside...

Continuing on from yesterday, here's the promised look inside my Christmas journal on some of the pages. (If you missed the covers you can see them here).

I continued with the same concept that I used last year as I really loved working like that. Basically anything goes...

It's a complete mix of cardstock, patterned paper, pre-made embellishments and even transparencies. Lots of the pages have been made with scraps and it was only really for the covers that I cut into a brand new paper. That makes you feel so good - using up scraps :)

...and a complete mix of sizes too. Some square and some rectangle. Some with plain edges and some with fancy edges.

This is just what the pages look like now. As I work through my album I might move something (to fit better with my photos etc), add a scalloped edge here or extend a page there.

...all I know is that it makes it sooooo much nicer and quicker to work on your album in busy December by having the pages prepared a bit.

I will show you my completed pages here on the blog. But I probably won't post pages from my Christmas album every single day as that could get a bit boring. So they will be shown, but mixed with other creations too :)

So are you doing an album for December this year? Have you started yet...? Would love to hear :)

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