Thursday, December 03, 2009

Day 1...

I don't actually know how I have managed to take a photo that makes my handwriting look *that* uneven LOL! Honestly, it's straight, in lines, in reality :)

...and that is "Day 1" in my Christmas journal. Or rather half of "Day 1" as I'm working back-to-back. So next time you'll see the back of "Day 1" and the front of "Day 2"...if you know what I mean.

Another thing I have been meaning to blog about is... Occasionally I get a comment, wondering if I actually read all the comments that I get, especially on older posts? The answer is definitely, yes :) I get an e-mail when someone leaves a comment. So I read ALL comments whether they are left on today's post or a post a year ago. They are all very much appreciated so thanks for taking the time to stop and write :)


Jessica said...

I know what you mean, hand writing doesn't seem to photogenic! I love the look of your journal. TFS

Jenn said...

Great day 1 page. Can't wait to see more.