Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 7...

So excited - Christmas tomorrow! I really can't wait!! I love all the cosy Christmas traditions :)

And talking about Christmas, I think it's only appropriate to show another page from my Christmas journal today:

So, the back of Day 6 is on the left side. Journaling about how, come the start of December, I always panic a bit as I don't really "feel Christmassy". I also say how I have realised that this is not a feeling that come by itself and what measures I have taken to feel more Christmassy :)

Day 7 is on the right side and it's only the white card that you see at the top (under neath is a peek at Day 8!! LOL!) Day 7 is all about to-do lists and how well (or not) we're prepared for Christmas. This year I feel pretty prepared and by the 7th, all Christmas cards were made and posted and all Christmas presents were bought. :)

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