Monday, September 21, 2009

Tea Or Coffee...

A few weeks ago I told you about the class by Shimelle that I had signed up for, being very aware of that I had to work on it AFTER the class was finished (as I was not in the country at the time). So basically now I'm multitasking... working on Shimelle's "Go To Press" class and Cathy Zieske's "Me The Abridged Version" class.

This layout was done for Shimelle's 6th prompt. To document our daily habits of tea or coffee drinking. Me? Not so much. In fact ---> not at all. And I do find that people are rather surprised when I don't drink tea or coffee (it's not a choice as such, I just simply don't like either of them)... so I figured this "habit" of mine has never actually been documented. Plus I had some photos of a rather yummy cup of hot chocolate to use... so the perfect subject for this layout of mine. And I scrapped in colours that are so totally NOT me. Cream (ok, I like that), yellow (!!) and red. Having said that, I quite like the finished combination so it was definitely worth taking a step outside the box in terms of colours this time.

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