Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Start...

Last week I told you about Shimelle's "Go To Press" class that she ran in August. And about how I had signed up for it knowing that I would have to do the class after it was actually run.

Well, I'm doing pretty good so far without getting too stressed about "being behind". Anyone else out there with me...doing the class now? Please pop in and say "hi" if so. :)

Anyway, here's the first page for the class. An intro page to the album (Yes it will be a complete 20 page 12x12 album when it's finished. Pretty cool, eh?):

Apart from a few different embellishments, this is a complete scrap lift of Shimelle's first page. I thought I'd start out easy :)

1 comment:

Sue Bone said...

Just waiting for the bonus handout for this class. Are you also doing "Learn something new" again Anso?