Friday, August 28, 2009

About The Punch...

Sorry I'm really short for time today, so this will only be a quick reply to a question I received yesterday about my punch post.

Samm left the following comment: "Wow, that *is* big! Can I ask - is it difficult to punch with?
The last big-ish punch I bought I have to pretty much jump off the floor to put my entire weight on it, just a bit tiring!"

right, I have just put it to the test so I can give you a honest answer. It IS big so I really think you need both hands to hold it (although I'm sure you could do it one handed if you really wanted to!). I put both hands underneath the the punch and then both thumbs on top of it (using the thumbs to press down as such). I cut through pretty thick cardstock and it really was no trouble at all. I do know what you mean when you say some things you have to put your entire body weight into, but this really isn't like that. One simple press with both thumbs and it went through the cardstock easily. Hope that helps :)

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