Sunday, July 12, 2009

Playing With Textures...

Now this class lesson was very interesting! Playing with textures. This is not something I'm really familiar with. I think I have done it once or twice before, when I just started learning digital scrapping, but it's seriously something I would have had no clue on how to start with even...

I used a very basic flower photo (above) as my start photo and the first step was to convert it to a black and white photo. We were adviced that landscape type photos work best with textures. I guess it's pretty obvious if you think about it - you might not want to add texture to someone's face for example :)

Having added 3 different textures, supplied by Jessica, and then got some ideas for how to play with blending modes and our photos had taken on a totally different look from the originals.

And as a final little bonus, she also supplied us with this cool frame with built in brush effect. I really love the idea of playing a bit more with textures, and I'm sure I will for the odd photo, but I guess it's just finding that time to sit down and do it. Also it's not something that you exactly want to do to most of your photos, just the odd one here and there which it might suit. :)

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