Monday, July 06, 2009

Playing With Frames...

So it's the first day of class. I've just gone through the first class video and even though it was pretty basic stuff, which I already knew (playing with frames and adding wordart), I still really enjoyed it. It's just nice to take some time out and sit for a few minutes playing with photos. I find that it's something that I don't do often enough (simply because of time).

Some of our pansies had seen better days so I pulled them out of out outside plant pots yesterday and off we went to the local garden centre to get something new. But it was pretty empty and we didn't really spot anything we liked... so we ended up going to a second garden centre and in the end we got this pretty fuchsia...

I've just been out taking these photos, this morning, to use for the first day of class. They fit perfectly, even if I had to recolour the supplied frame a bit to fit with the colours of the photo. I don't really think an orange frame would have looked quite so good :)


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

My congratulations for an interesting space and inserted images, I encourage you to photoblog

Greetings from Italy, good luck


Chedder Fish said...

Hi! I came to comment from my google reader- on the class. I'm taking it too! I see you've already started though. Really pretty work.

I was just telling my hubby- I agree, it's pretty simple but it's great for a first class- to get to know the teaching style. I think it will probably get a little deeper later on but this also seems good for the other people in the class who might not have used photo shop as much.

Did you find the other Free stuff? There are a lot of free papers, elements and brushed in the Free stuff section. I'm sure there are other word art things we can use for this assignment- I've been scanning through all my digital stuff all day. Now I just need to pick a photo!