Friday, July 03, 2009

Lilypad BYOC...

So it's that time again, the first Friday of the month and time for the Lilypad BYOC. Not surprisingly, some of the products this month have a very summery feel, which fits perfectly :)

Yesterday I was busy downloading some of the kits, tagging them and playing around with them. I really enjoy this special time each month and the excitement of finding out what colour combination that they have decided to go with etc. Anyway, this is the layout that I came up with:

[Supplies: Summer Medley - Anne deJong, Messy Paints 2 - Amy Martin, Messy Sprays - Amy Martin, Epoxy Dates - Amy Wolff, Half Ripped Minis - Amy Wolff, The Weekly Gazette - Amy Wolff, Sprayed Alpha & Numbers - Jenna Desai, Rough & Rusty Papers - Jenna Desai, Newsies - Jacque Larsen, Sandy Toes - Kate Hadfield (all from the Lilypad)

The BYOC is the largest release of kits during the month and there's sooo much nice stuff to choose from. Still, I have tried my best to pick out my 3 most favourite kits. 2 of them were really easy....the 3rd one I was picking from about 4 different ones. Tricky! Anyway, I have made my decision:

I just love this kit by Amy Wolff. Both for the newsprint aspect and for the elements aspect. Flowers always, always works no matter what you do (and yes I totally believe in that you can have flowers on male layouts too!)

Kate's doodle kits. What can I say? They are amazing as always. :) For this BYOC she doesn't have one but two beach related doodle kits. Both equally as good. Also she's brought out a super cute stripey alphabet - go check it out :)

...and finally these great masks by Amy Martin. Great both for photos or as masks for patterned papers etc. So very versatile and useful :)


Mole said...

I love you LO - I wisgh I could make mine look like this!

Mole said...

Sorry about my awful typing!!!!!