Monday, June 29, 2009

A Photo-Less Post...

A post without photos - that does not really happen very often for me (as I personally enjoy blog posts with photos a lot more, so I try to always have one/some in mine too). But I'm super, super busy today and I just figured it was an option between no blog post at all, or a blog post without photos. So a blog post without photos it is, for a change. I promise the next one will have an image again :)

So today... first I'm really pleased to say that my foot seems to have recovered quickly this time. Hopefully I hadn't irritated the old injury as badly as I'd first thought. I'm still being a bit extra careful, but at the same time I'm not avaoiding walking, so that feels great :) I'm really, really pleased about this as I dreaded a few weeks of not moving much.

Today is definitely a housework day (yuck!) and I'm in the middle of cleaning toilets - don't worry, I have washed my hands for this post :) - as I type this. Double yuck! Still it's things that need to be done. Apart from that I'm making a birthday card which I must get off in the post to Sweden by tomorrow!! A male card. Yes ---> sigh! Male cards are the hardest... ever. So I'm busy thinking up ideas while I'm tidying.

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