Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blacks & Greys...

...oh and shadows. But that will be impossible for me here today because of the light (well I could have rigged something with lights inside...but there is a limit to how much time I have LOL!) So I'm sticking with the "blacks & greys" colour subject for today. If someone is wondering what I'm on about, you can read more about it here.

So...blacks & greys...that was tricky. Not really colours that I would every choose. Nor do I wear very much blacks and greys. Greys occasionally but hardly any blacks at all. So this one definitely had me thinking a lot. The first thing I came across was this necklace which I got the other week.

...then my eyes fell on my grey Tatty Teddy/Me To You bear. I totally adore these bears. I'm not sure why exactly. But I do find them rather pricey for what they are so I normally just admire them in the shop window :)

Then this super soft suede-kinda-feel (or is it even suede?) notebook. Going back a year or two, WH Smith stocked this super soft range of stationery. I always looked at it and wanted one of everything. I do think I ended up buying a notebook after many months of admiration. But then they decided to retire the range and put the remaining stock up for sale. So I bought a few and still have some left...which makes me so happy each time I need a notebook for something and I can use one of these super soft ones :)

My pretty grey owl bag from Paperchase. I'm in love. Enough said :)

And finally my computer mouse. I had one of those mini/laptop mice, as my standard everyday mouse, for years and years. Totally loved it. And once I got used to it I really couldn't stand using the normal sized ones as they feel so bulky. Then one day it died. Like totally died. I spent ages trying to find an identical one but no, they didn't sell them anymore. Instead I found this Belkin one (again a mini/laptop mouse) and decided to take a gamble - which paid off :)

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