Monday, April 20, 2009

Fantastic Weather...

Wow I have just sat outside having lunch in April! Amazing! The weather is great here sky and sunshine. Just makes me smile so much :)

Thanks to Randi for leaving a comment on yesterday's post with some Nintendo DS game suggestions - I really appreciate it. I'm looking for some game recommendations so if you have a DS, please take a look at this post. Thank you.

This is a layout using some photos from my mum & dad taken on a trip to Las Palmas. I did the layout as part of Cathy Zielske's BPS class.

...and talking about that class. I have caught up! Yes you read it, I have finished the last three weeks of the class which I couldn't do while the class was run back in December. I still need to take photos of the last three layouts for "week 12", but I have finished them. Feels so great that I made the "effort" to catch up and complete the class, rather than going for the easier option of not doing those last few weeks. Such a nice feeling :)

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