Friday, February 13, 2009

Sorting Ribbons...

First of all I have taken photos of the 2 birthday cards I made on Wednesday. Silly me didn't check the camera setting before I took the photos... Afterwards I discovered I had photographed my cards on SNOW setting LOL! But it turned out pretty decent anyway and I really couldn't be bothered to re-do it :)

Before I forget I also want to pass on a "thank you" to Stefanie who kindly warned me that the studio lights can get VERY warm - thanks for that :)

This morning, apart from taking snow-setting photos of non snow items (!), I have been sorting ribbons. Specifically "Love Elsie" ribbons. I had kept mine (which is quite a few!!) in the original boxes, thinking it was pretty and handy to have them together. But I have come to the conclusion that a) they take up far too much space like that, and, b) I really don't take the time to use them when they are boxed up. So I sat for an hour unboxing and unwinding them all and they are now hanging in a pretty bunch on the door handle. It makes me happy as I can see them and enjoy them more and I know I will be using them a lot more than I did.

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Elizabeth said...

And are you going to take a photo of them? It is very true that if things are available they get used and if they are beautifully stored they don't! (Do I have unused ribbon? Yes!)