Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Card Making Day...

A few weekends ago we made our Christmas cards for this year. I think they should all have safely arrived now so I don't mind posting photos of the day. Basically each year I make what I call our "Christmas card prototype". It's just a card to test out the ideas and have as a guideline for making the rest. Then it's kind of a factory line assembly thing going on. This is what it looked like in the middle of doing them...

I love my Cuttlebug and was very pleased that a) I remembered to use it and b) I found a way to use it both on the card and the envelope. :) It's kinda become a yearly tradition now that I make the card prototype and then we sit down together and make all the cards. Once I go through all the little stages with Ross, and show him how to do all the different techniques, he's really great at them and we have a really cosy time making cards while listening to Christmas music :)


Kirk said...

So sweet Ross makes cards with you. I'm hoping to get N and C to help me though I doubt Kirk would participate!

Kirk said...

LOL, that last comment was from Marja, Anso. I'm on Kirk's laptop and didn't realize he was signed in on a googlemail account!

Max said...

Oh to be as organised as you are.
Maybe next year ... ha ha.

Hope you and your family enjoy the most Magical Christmas xx


PS: Thanks for answering my question from ages ago about the BIA.