Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Journal...

Ooops I have kinda neglected taking photos of my Christmas journal and posting here. I'm still doing pretty good on keeping up with it but certain days it's a little more of a struggle than others to squeeze in some time to sit down and get an entry done :)

The photo (top of left page) shows a Swedish Christmas tradition of lighting candles each of the four Sunday's before Christmas. On the first Sunday (1st of advent) you light candle no 1. On the second Sunday you light candle number 1 and 2...and so on. You would normally have homemade gingerbread cookies and drink glögg (a hot drink similar to mulled wine) with blanched almonds and raisins in your cup. It's so cosy and really the "taste of Christmas" to me :)

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Paula - Buenos Aires said...

We lit our 4th candle today too! :)

Lovely to think of all the lights around the world: