Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thank You Jeannette...

What a day it was yesterday. I was trying to source the American Crafts 6x6 album that I wrote about in yesterday's post and it proved to be a nightmare. After trawling though 10 (!) pages worth of Google searching/shops and checking every single one (!) it quickly became obvious that it was not a case about getting a green album...or even a blue at a push...but about getting ANY American Crafts 6x6 album at all.

Then I found a black one. Yay! Site showed 2 items in stock. Placed my order and was soooo relieved. Until a few hours later when I suddenly had a WorldPay refund (=confused) and then a few minutes later a mail from the shop saying that "sorry they don't have the item". I was very disappointed. And I really hate it when shops charge you and then "discover" that they don't have just really gets on my nerves LOL!

Anyway, in the meantime Jeannette posts a comment saying that she's found a site with the albums (even if not in the right colour) so off I go on a hunt. They do indeed show as "in stock" and I quickly order a chestnut/brown one! I don't really want to say "yay" yet...not until I actually have the album in my hand this time LOL! But a big THANK YOU to Jeannette for the link - you probably saved my day trying to get this album :)

Right, I'm off to watch this week's slide show by Cathy Zielske. Thursday means new week for the class and a new great slide show by Cathy. I'm leaving you with yet another page (I've been Cuttlebug-ing!) I have done following one of her sketches for the class. A page about when mum & dad came to visit:


Liberty :) said...

Hope you get your album! I love this page - is it a stamp you used for the calender bit on the spotted paper?

It is great to see some A4 layouts, haven't experimented with them yet as I'm always worried I'll run out of room :)

Jeannette said...

Anso, your welcome and if I remember correctly they are pretty quick with delivery.