Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Desperately Seeking...

I need help by you great blog readers please. I'm desperately seeking an album and I can't find it anywhere in the UK no matter how long I have been searching :(

Has anyone seen this around anywhere please:

American Crafts D-Ring 6x6 album in green/lime. I'd go for the blue one at a push.

Please...anyone? I'd be so very grateful for any tips! Thanks in advance :)


Jeannette said...

Anso, you can find some here but they don't have Lime or Blue.
I've just looked and they only have Chestnut, Rasberry, and Lavender. I got the Chestnut one.

Hope that helps.

Sue Bone said...

Thanks Jeannette, I'm looking for one too.


Colleen J. said...

You can get them at They have all the different colors in 6x6. They are temporarily out of the green, but will get them in soon