Thursday, November 06, 2008

Gimme 5...

This was a cool little project we got to do for Cathy Zielske's BPS class. Gimme 5. The concept was very simple. She'd created these pages for us that you were supposed to give to people in your family to fill in. Then you'd add patterned paper and two photos per person/page.

I'd have loved to make mine into a minibook and include pages from my mum, dad, brother and sister. Though it's not so easy when they're in another country. So I had to give up on that idea (as I wanted handwriting and not computer journaling). But hey, that can be a project for the future :)

And you know what, these were my first layouts (they are 8x8) where I used my new Cuttlebug embossing folders on. Yay! I made them a few days after I got the Cuttlebug. Not sure how obvious it is in these photos (for some reason I saved them very small - sorry) but the patterned paper squares (with the circle on top) on each page have been embossed with these yummy swirls. Love it :)

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Liberty :) said...

They are lovely! Did you have to write 5 things about the person in the photo? I haven't done 8x8 yet as I'm always worried I'll not have enough space :)

I made your exploding box too! It isn't as neat as yours, but I loved the concept and the instructions were so clear. Managed the whole thing plus photos in about 6 hours (whilst watching 2 films!) I'll take a pic and put in on my blog soon :)

Well done, glad you like your cuttlebug :)