Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sorting + photos...

Today I'm seriously rushed off my feet trying to prepare photos etc for two hybrid albums which I'm making for mum's birthday. I'd like to have them all edited and uploaded on-line for printing by tonight if I can. But it's really a question of ---> IF. We'll see how far I get. Photo editing takes so long. And it's not any easier with a headache.

[Supplies: "Purrfectly Doggone Cute" by Christy Lyle, Lauren Grier (SSD)]

Yesterday I spent ages sorting through old kits (mainly what I had left over from Scrap-Room etc) and splitting them up into parts. Scraps in one pile, full sheets of cardstock in another, full sheets of patterned papers in yet another. Once you come down to embellishment packs and lose buttons & really have an avalanche of piles. At one stage it looked like an impossible mission. But I'm pleased that by the end of the evening I had all the cardstock and patterned papers in binders and all small embellishments/ribbons in boxes. What I'm left to deal with now is packs of stickers, chipboard, rub-ons etc (and they are all awkward, different sizes aren't they?! LOL!). Any good ideas of storing these please? Do post in the comments section if you do - thank you!! :)


michele said...

hi, love the card so cute! I keep my peel-offs in an expanding file, my rub-on in a folder (in plastic wallets) My 3D stickers are taken out of the packs and divided into themes (not the best idea, they are getting stuck to each other lol) hugs m x

Karen said...

This card is SO adorably cute! I don't even have a dog and I might lift this one! :)