Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Freedom...

[photo borrowed from shimelle.com]

In July I signed up for the "My Freedom" class by Shimelle. A 5 week class. I was very aware of that I only had the chance to do one week of the course before we left for Sweden. Kinda a bit of a recipe for disaster. Very easy to feel "too far behind" and give up.

And I have to say I have been very tempted. To give up. It's felt like too much to catch up on the last two weeks. Yet I don't give up. I don't want to give up!

So yesterday I sat down with a huge paper pad and the prompts. Read through them and made notes. Mainly on what photos would be good with what subjects etc. I have spent the whole morning today hunting for photos on my harddrive (where I had suitable ones) and taking photos (where I needed some). Then editing. *sigh* That takes some time. Not to mention uploading and cropping. But they are ordered as of 10 minutes ago and I feel great. A big step in not giving up. Let's hope I still feel as inspired when my photos turn up and I'm to make the pages. I really want to finish this class :)

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Chrispy said...

Are you a professional scrapbooker? How do you find the time and money to do all of this? :)