Friday, August 08, 2008

Finished The Layout...

I hope my blog is back working like it should and displays like it should in all browsers now :) I had a bit of a nightmare yesterday before I figured out what was wrong as I had no idea what to try LOL!

Onto what I talked about on Wednesday and about me only now starting the digital scrapping course which is nearly two weeks into the schedule. I did indeed not finish the layout the same day - just like I thought. In fact, I only got it finished this morning. Each class is huge! This one was divided into 10 videos plus an intro one. Add watching all that, to actually stopping and making your own layout...well it takes some time. But I enjoyed it a LOT and learnt so much.

I did my layout totally following the class and using the digital stash provided etc. Of course the text and the photos are mine, but the rest is done following the class.

Since I'm trying to catch up (like that's going to happen!) I'm off to start on the next assignment. Apparently we're doing 8 (!!!) small pages...

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