Sunday, June 08, 2008

Drop Shadows, Drop Shadows...

It's tricky isn't it, getting the drop shadows right on digital layouts? I know I'm only a beginner when it comes to digital scrapping, but it's not easy...When is a little, too little? And when is a lot, too much? How much shadow to use for different elements... But I'm definitely learning and making progress so that makes me happy. :) And I got some great advice from some Lilypad friends on this layout.

[Supplies: "Vintage Papers" by Nancy Comelab, "Messy Taped Frames" by Amy Martin, "Messy Taped Words" by Amy Martin, "Fancy Reefs" by Jenna Desai, "Funky Waves" by Jenna Desai, "Beaded Fancies" by Amy Martin, "Sandy Alpha" by Amy Martin and "Summer Alpha Squares" by Natalie Braxton - all from the Lilypad June BYOC]

Wow that was a long supply list LOL! I hope I didn't forget anything/one. It's a great collab so it was really hard picking what to use :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anso,

Love the layout! Looks really really great! Love the background paper too!

Quick question, how do you easily resize objects (ie pics) in Photoshop - I have the CS2 version, but they all seem very similar...