Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Remember this I told you about a few days ago? Well the class started on Monday and I have already begun tagging some kits in ACDSee. As part of the class there are two LIVE on-line classes. Today was the test for those. Just to see that you're set up right and that you can see everything etc. I have just done my testing and it was just the COOLEST ever. Okay so I might be easily amusing (?) but it was just so cool, someone from the US speaking specifically to *you* using *your name*, checking that you see everything and you're logged in fine and you confirm. Wow that was cool. I really can't wait for the actual live classes. It's going to be so great :)

Today I have been tagging some more digital kits in ACDSee and also practiced my digital scrapping according to the Jessica Sprague class I'm taking. We're practicing with templates as the midweek task. I hope to have some work ready to post here tomorrow. :) Have been suffering with an upset stomach for the last day or so, so I'm not really feeling up to getting photos to add here today.

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