Friday, May 16, 2008

Getting Organised...

With all the Lilypad work etc, I'm finding that my digital stash is growing and growing. It's been bothering me for a little while sort of clever organising system etc. How? What to do? Which to pick? I kept seeing ACDSee being mentioned on different forums so I got that about a week ago. Later the same day, as I'm checking out some class info for the Jessica Sprague digital course that I'm taking, I find this "getting Organised with ACDSee" course on her page. What a coincidence! It felt like it was meant to be. LOL!

So I have been waiting for the registration to start. Which was today. Or rather in the middle of the night (daytime in the US). I felt very luck as there were only 2 time slots that suited "internationals" and one of them was already sold out when I checked early this morning!! But I'm in. And I can't wait!! Hoping this will be the perfect solution for me to get some order in my digital kits :)

I'm having a busy, busy day today doing LOTS of DT work etc. Before one in the afternoon I had four layouts done. Yep you read right: Four. That felt good :) Off to do some more now. Have a great Friday everyone :)))

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Connie Bensen said...

I hope that you enjoy the class! My sister is teaching it. :)