Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Birds And...Eh...Christmas...

This Maya Road bird shaped chipboard album has been lying in my bookshelf since...well, Christmas I think. I think I got it in a Christmas swap as I'm pretty sure I have not bought it myself. I love it, but I have been stuck for how to use it (thinking: lots of awkward cutting, how do you deal with photos etc). But I think I might be onto something finally and today I hope to work a little on this :)

If you're following my on-line digital course that I'm taking, we got a midweek assignment today. Yay - fun and play! Following the assignment to the dot, this was my result (again a page that is not really my usual style - but hey, I'm learning so I'm going to do as I'm told):

Or at least *kinda* do as I'm told...LOL! Since I had used a photo that was taken on Christmas Eve, I really couldn't resist adding something more to it. I bought this cute Christmas kit by Mindy Terasawa at the NSD sales over the weekend so I had a little play:

Okay off to see what I can do with these little birds...

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WatsonBrunei said...

Hej! Halkade in på din blogg idag via när jag letade efter beskrivningar/mått på "exploding box". (Topp beskrivning förresten, tack för den!)

Började kika lite på dina tidigare inlägg och insåg plötsligt att du var ju svensk!!! Vad festligt!

Nu har du hamnat i min blogg-roll :) - du är mycket begåvad, och gör jättefina och inspirerande alster!

Tack för titten, jag kommer tillbaka!