Saturday, April 19, 2008


I've been busy finishing off my guestbook. I have covered 6 family visits from Sweden. That's 6 double-spreads in the book. There's enough room for 5 more (5 double-spreads) so that will be for any future visits.

I have just kept the pages very simple (so not too much fun to show on here), cardstock photos and the "printables" from Shimelle. I have put the cardstock in the album and cut out the "printables" for the future pages too - that way the whole album will be the same no matter when I finish it. That's why I'm keeping the pages simple. Otherwise it would be easy to use embellishments on the first few pages which I will have run out of when I come to do the later entries.

This is how the cover turned out. Pretty much a copy of Shimelle's cover:

And this is my title page inside - I used a very similar theme to my cover:

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