Friday, April 18, 2008

Crazy Cards...

So when I saw Kate's new doodle releases for Friday (today) the other day I both loved them (as they looked great!) and was a bit lost as how to make them into cards. How do you put fries and burgers onto cards?!? LOL!

A few rounds (okay, *quite* a few!) of Mario Kart on the Wii later - while my brain was busy designing cards - and I had some ideas. Lunch anyone?

The cards have lots of little details that are hard to pick up in the photos. Jewels, liquid pearls, glitter etc...

Again, not really possible to see but there are lots of 3D effects. The hotdog, ice-cream and donut are actually cut out and mounted 3D onto foam.

Oh and I nearly forgot - if you fancy some lunch - check out Kate's doodles that I used. :)

Edited to add: Nina you asked about Scrap-Room and the postage. With my add-ons it's normally about $12-15 (yes US dollars) Hope that helps. If you decide to sign up (you'll love it!!) I'd be very grateful if you'd mention my blog - thanks :)

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Nina said...

They are super!
Thanks for the info, I think I'll have a little thinky. Do you get the kits every month? I have never got a monthly kit before.