Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Last Page...

Been spending all morning sorting out photos to send off for printing. Amazing how long it takes to pick photos, edit and upload them. Like hours!! Thought I'd never finish. LOL! And that was only 36 photos...after that I gave up. Have to get some more done another time - can't spend *all* day doing it.

I'm sitting here dying for my doodling book to turn up in the post. Something else ordered from the US, on the same day, turned up LAST Wednesday. I'm starting to wonder whether our postman has taken up scrapping...and doodling in particular... ;)

Right, at one point I wasn't sure I would ever type this, but here is the very LAST page in my Christmas journal:

With being away for over 2 weeks of the class, I got seriously behind. I knew this from the start of course, so I was prepared. But it's still hard to get in the right mood to continue with something that is so far behind. So I'm pretty proud that I didn't take the easy path of giving up, but put my head down and worked and worked until it was done. I'm so happy! :) Will have to take some photos of the finished album now...!

*** Edited to add: Ally, you asked what the giraffe stamp was that I used in a layout a few posts below. It's in a pack from Autumn Leaves called "Mindy's Zoo" (lots of cute animal stamps!!) and the code is AL2780. Hope you can find them - good luck :)

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Mrs-Chloe said...

Beautiful last page of the christmas journal. I know how you feel as I love everything about christmas to and always feel sad when it's over.

Just wanted to ask, how did you make the glittery writing? Or was it something you brought as I'm in love with it.