Monday, July 30, 2007

Can't wait...

...until I can get my hands on Elsie's new paper collections. I'm sure most of you have already seen these pictures on her own blog - the new lines for the summer CHA...but I just had to put them here anyway. So exciting!!

Jack & Abby



I think my favourite is the Chirstmas colletion - "Noel". Far too many Christmas paper collections are either very old fashioned looking or very muted. I know we can't see too much of it in these photos but it looks a bit more modern and I love the colours of it!! I'm really excited to see the rest of the "Noel" range!


margaretforster said...

elsie stuff is fabulous as we have come to expect, considering the upheaval in her life . . . . but also go have a look at -- click on "home" page & also "idea gallery" for lots of yummy CHA stuff -- black & white or lots of color.

margaretforster said...

just discovered another blog I look at -- lady called Celine Nevarro -- has heaps of CHA stuff entered today, even new Autumn Leaves stamps Yeh!! go have a looksy at ---
lots to see here. wish I could have gone, even just to have met people like Elsie. woo hoo !! more money to spend soon as it hits shops . . . . will have to have clean out so I can fit more in . . . . . new stuff makes old stuff look daggy . . . it never ends does it, but I love it.

Anonymous said...

Loving those new ranges. I agree about the Noel - it is very new and fresh.

So Sonya said...

OMG I adore that Love Elsie stuff, I only discovered the delights ofthis range through your blog!!