Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sewing (by hand)...

This was a class by Sarah over on UKS for the cybercrop. I liked her original layout as soon as I saw it. I didn't really realise just how long the sewing by hand would take until I was halfway through. Well not so long in reality, but veeery long when you have another class starting in 20 minutes! LOL! If I'd realised I probably would have thought of a way of getting around the sewing (like I know lots of people did). Having said that, I'm really really pleased that I didn't and that I took my time to do it all by hand. Makes the layout so much more special when it's finished.

Really excited about tomorrow because unless I'm mistaken the "52 Card Pick-Up" class, which I signed up to a few weeks ago, starts over on Big Picture Scrapbooking!!! Wish I had time to sit down and prepare a little for it, but I feel like I have done a 6 day marathon cybercrop...that's now busy it's been for the last week. LOL! I have averaged 6 projects a day for the last few days. Soon I can breathe... :)

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margaretforster said...

WOW!! how good is that heart when you take a closer look at your page. well done !! Margaret