Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Well, I never thought it was possible...

Can I ask you what this is please...?

Does it contain dairy products?


Does it contain eggs?


Does it contain wheatflour?


Is it a pancake???

Yes, yeeees, YEEEEES!!!! *dances around the house in happiness* I really honestly never ever thought you could make pancakes without dairy products, eggs AND wheatflour. Swapping out one of the ingredients...yes, maybe you'd end up with something half decent. But all? Not a chance I would have said last week! However it took use three attempts and two days to reach this.

We started on Monday. The first batch of batter didn't smell very nice. We made one pancake and tasted it as the second one was cooking. OMG I thought it was horrible! So did Ross. In the bin it went with the rest of the batter. We washed the bowl and whisk and started on another batch. Now we were getting somewhere. It looked like a pancake (though slightly pale), it tasted like a pancake (though only a bit) and the texture was pretty okay...but quite chewy.

So yesterday we gave it another go. And guess what? It tasted sooooo nice!!! If you had served them to anyone and not said anything, I can guarantee they would not have thought anything about it and believed they ate "real" pancakes!!! That is incredible!!! I feel like the almost impossible has been achieved and I'm sooooo happy that I can eat pancakes again...

And before I go, for Michelle that asked: the clear buttons are by Hero Arts and I bought them from Happy Stampers. Hope that helps :)


Heather said...

No dairy products, eggs OR wheatflour? What ingredients did you use?? Glad you had a tasty treat. :)

Heather said...

What a result! Great news and love the kit below, I am working on that one lol!

Dale Anne said...

I'd LOVE to have your pancake recipe.....I'm a no gluten, no dairy person also.

Anonymous said...

I want to try the pancake recipe too. Need to convert to US measurements. Except I will need to convert soy with lactose milk. Think it would work? Julie S