Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Really excited...

I'm really excited!!! I made up my mind and signed up for one of the Big Picture scrapbooking classes last night. (Thanks to Sherry for recommending them!) It's called Product Playground and it's all about playing around and experimenting with your scrapbooking supplies. Buttons, brads, ribbons, chipboard etc! Just what I need as I tend to use them like I always have done and don't really "alter"/"play" with them very much. So I really can't wait and I'm really excited about it. If any of you are also taking the class, I'd love to hear about it please.

Now, today I'm making sure I'm transferrring my photos correctly to the computer from my camera, and I double-checked that the images were there before I deleted them off the camera LOL! So these are my stationery bargains I got in the sale the other day. The cats are sooo cute I think. And I love to add up what things should have cost had they not been in the sale. It's just a habit I have which gives me some satisfaction I guess LOL! I'm not sure about the price of the two purple items with the big bead on the string in the front of the photo. But the other four I only paid £4.51 in TOTAL for. If they hadn't been on sale it would have been £18.96. So I feel pretty pleased with my cute stationery and bargain.

And before I go I want to share the next page I have made for my Christmas journal. Today I, once again, came up with my own subject. You were actually supposed to go back and make the intro page. But that wasn't really good for me: a) I don't want an intro page (the cover and first page explains enough I think) and b) I really didn't want a "gap" in my no page for the 29th. That would irritate me LOL!

So I came up with my own subject. Since we always spend Christmas in Sweden, I wanted to make a page of what Christmas (or rather the run-up to it, really) is like for us in the UK. How we still have a tree and decorate the house etc a bit.


Latharia said...

Love your take on Christmas in the UK!

Heather said...

Fab pages Anso, really great work. I too would have hated a gap on the 29th, so I too made up my own haha!