Monday, January 18, 2010

Ali Edwards' class...

If you follow my blog you might have wondered why I have not posted any more work from Ali Edwards' BPS class. Again it's the same thing as for my Christmas journal, being abroad during December made me having to postpone finishing the class. And just like for the Christmas journal I knew this ahead of taking the decision to do it. However Ali's class was something that I'd been looking forward to about a year before it started (when it was first announced) and there was no way I was going to miss that :)

So I have a few weeks of catching up on that. But I'm fine with that. It was a great class and I know I will complete it for sure. I hope to sit down and go through the next lesson some time in the next few weeks after having done some more Creative Team work etc.

The layout above is from week 6 of Ali's class and something I finished before we went to Sweden for Christmas. A very photo intense double layout featuring photos from your life. It was very hard picking photos for this (as even though it has many photos, it's not that many when you talk about your whole life!) but I totally love the concept of this layout and I'm so pleased to have it in my album :)

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Mole said...

That LO is amazing!