Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gone Fishin'...

Wow they were not joking when they said on Sky News' weather this morning that the weather today was going to be "uncomfortable"!! Hot, humid, rainy and foggy. Like seriously hot and sticky! I feel so "bothered" and you can't even escape from it. And it's only just past 11 in the morning. According to what they said it's going to get much, much hotter (and more humid!) still. Yuck! If anyone have a good tip on how to feel better in the humid weather I'm very happy to hear it... :)

And no, I'm not going fishing as the title says... I posted yesterday about having to make a male birthday card. And male cards are the....well, no ---> male cards AND presents are the hardest! For women you can always fall back on nice bath/body products, jewellery etc if you're stuck...and pretty flowers for cards. Men? That's H-A-R-D. Anyway in the end I decided to go down the hobby route and since my sister's boyfriend is into fishing, amongst other things, I made what I believe is the very first fishing birthday card that I have ever made :)

[Supplies: Catch Of The Day - Julie Billingsley, (font) Brittany - Darcy Baldwin (both from SSD)]

Also, Shimelle's latest colour challenge was to make something using "writing in colour", so I decided to match the title of the card (grattis = congratulations in Swedish) to the card rather than going with a black title.

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