Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Heat...

Yesterday it was just too hot to blog. My little "cave" (as I call it, ie the "very tiny scrapping room") is by far the way, way hottest room in the house when the weather is warm. It becomes a sauna with no air moving in or out. It's got a window and draft should be going through it like any other room (when we have all the other windows open too) but for some reason it just doesn't. So it becomes this unbearable hole of heat. Today it looks to be even hotter if anything, so I have braved the heat and entered early, armed with ice water, to get a blog post done before the afternoon ...before the impossible time LOL!

Yesterday morning (again before the room became totally unbearable...while it was still borderline on me being able to sit on the chair without collapsing in the heat) I worked on a layout for the Lilypad:

[Supplies: Capture The Moment - Kate Hadfield, Designs By Lili, Messy Stamped Alpha - Nancy Comelab, Scrap Pad Polly Love 3 - Amy Martin (all from The Lilypad)]

And talking about the's a new month and tomorrow is Friday, so it's time for BYOC again. I'm busy downloading kits and will somehow try and create something in this heat once they are all down. :)

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Kim Dellow said...

Very cute LO, fab idea. Kim