Friday, January 16, 2009

Let It Snow...

...well I don't actually want it to snow. Or ...maybe I do, come to think of it LOL! I love when it's snowing. So cosy! But anyway, "Let It Snow" is the title of this layout:

I really enjoyed making this one as I had got this super cute wintery October Afternoons paper pad which I'd just been dying to use. This "colour blocking"-type-page, for the BPS class by Cathy Zielske, seemed perfect to use it for. I just love the pinks and blues that have been combined. Really "happy" papers for me :)

At the moment I'm busy with the "Get Organized Be Inspired" BPS class. Week 3. I need to go out and buy myself a binder and some plastic pockets/wallets at the weekend (or "page protectors" as we scrappers know them as!) as I really want to create an "inspiration binder" for general ideas and project plans. Aby Garvey gives some really neat ideas for this in the class.

Also we're learning about inspiration boards (have you got one? I'd love to hear about it please :)) and I'm thinking about re-doing my notice board into one. At the moment it does indeed hold photos and lots of other inspirational things but also a lot of "important notes" (phonenumbers, DT deadlines/assignments know). I'm thinking I might transfer all these into my calendar and have the board for inspiration only. We'll see. I need to do some more thinking :)


ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Very cute layout! Those classes sound interesting

Jana said...

I took GOBI last year too. I think I took on more than I should have. I don't have an inspiration board, per say. I have a 12x12 clip board on my scraptable onto which I clip things. The clip board is in one of those table top picture holder thingies. (for the life of me I cannot remember what they are called right at this moment)