Thursday, January 08, 2009

"The Organized And Inspired Scrapbooker"...

Hrm...I'm starting to think that I might have a little weakness for signing up for classes LOL! Back in the beginning of December I saw this BPS class which sounded very interesting. To organise your scraproom etc. And we can never be too organised, right? :)

I put it out of my mind because my scraproom is so tiny and I wondered how limited I'd be with what I could actually do/adapt and get out of the class etc. We went away over Christmas & New Year and I kinda forgot about it. Until yesterday when I bumped into a link to the class by chance. And it was the last day to sign up. And I signed up late last night. LOL! I already have the book that's needed for the class so at least it felt good not to have to buy yet another thing on top of the class fee. Anyone else taking it? :)

The class started on the 1st so today is actually the start of the second week already (which came as a little shock to me this morning!). Plus there's a "pre-class assignment". So I have a little to catch up on. First I need to do some Lilypad CT work, then I'd like to get some photos picked and printed for some entries in my Christmas Journal and after that I hope to sit down, download the pre-class work and get started on that :)

Leaving you with a Lilypad CT layout which I made this morning...

[Supplies: Scrap Pad - The Lilypad Special - Amy Martin, Artsy Photo Masks Vol 1 - Kasia Designs, Just Some Papers - Kasia Designs, Epoxy Dots #2 - Amy Wolff, Circle Werx - CD Muckosky, Colorful Borders - Jenna Desai, Flower Bits - Jenna Desai, Doodley-Strips - Kate Hadfield, Lilypad Linens - Kate Hadfield, Polka-Dotty Alpha - Kate Hadfield, TLP Buttons & String - Natalie Braxton (all from the Lilypad)]

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Kat said...

I was pondering about signing up, but am a bit strapped for cash, so decided against it. Plus I don't have the book. :o

Looking forward to seeing what you are doing though ... in the meantime I have pulled out my "Scrapbook Workspace" book and will see what I can do. :)